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GM Celebration

If you’re after a classic Goa psychedelic trance Celebration, GM Celebration is where you’ll find it. This iconic open-air venue has been in business since the hippie heydays of the 2001. Parties happen for all kind of function from birthday, marriage, haldi functions, reception, as well as on other special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Plan to be there for any of your happy functions.

Event Decoration

We are a decor specialized, based in Cancona, specializing in marriage projects and décor designs. We have done amazing projects across state to be on the top of celebration hall in Cancona.
Excellence of design and its successful execution, quality and research are central to our approach, every project is a unique opportunity to client’s vision and to take them beyond their expectations. Operating with a qualified team in close contact with clients, advisers and suppliers, we work with enthusiasm and passion and encourage a creative and professional environment. A high level of personal service, coupled with respect for the precious resources of cost and time, therefore distinguishes our unique relationship with client. We are a professional team working together to provide all kind of styles and decoration in Goa, offering customized decor services as well as a wealth of unique objects and art, lighting from a fabulous brands to become one of the top celebration hall in Cancona Goa. Our work emerges from the colors of a land and a city to become the best Décor Company.


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