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Our Services

Gm Group offers various services under one roof like Automobile, Celebration Hall, rental services in shops and rooms and courier service in South Goa. Automobile services had started in year 2005, and successfully completing 15 years providing sales services & spans. Besides this we provide other services like celebrations hall to party Birthday hall, Marriage hall, a hall for celebration all your dreams. We also provide other rental services like rooms and shops. To add more we provide courier service.


Automobile Services started in the year 2005, successfully completing 15 years. Sales and services & spans of the vehicle.

Celebration Hall

We are based in Cancona, surrounded with lush green trees, and mesmerizing view, huge space to celebrate with friends and family.

Rent Room/Shop

GM Group offers rental rooms and shops at Cancona.

Courier Service

We are franchise of professional courier. We undertake booking for local / International parcels & documents.

Contact Us

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Or a GM Group support. Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

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